About me -

I've always been fascinated with mechanical bits and pieces - how they fit together to function and how beautiful they can be in form.

When I was little, my parents came to expect that I wasn't simply going to play politely with my toys: I had way more more fun dismantling them, seeing how they worked, and putting them back together - even got bored with my Erector Set and Tinkertoys pretty early. Whether building go-carts, rockets or some other Frankentoy from scratch, I was always scrounging for parts, making something out of something else.

My secondary schooling in shop and art introduced me to the basics of how things are made and the beauty in form. College studies of mechanical engineering and fine arts enabled me to continue that fascination into my adult life. A product designer by trade for over thirty-five years, I've developed designs for a wide array of products and as an artist, my craft has led me to the sculptures you see here.

Daniel J. Bentley